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Whatever you’re doing with the publishing of your content, AscendSocial keeps you in full control!

WordPress License
AscendSocial allows you to connect multiple WordPress websites directly to your dashboard (1 standard license supplied with a regular AscendSocial account). This action allows any article from any of your linked websites to be imported into your dashboard. A snippet of your article would then be published to your social media sites with an automatic link back to your article.

Website and Dashboard Time Zones
AscendSocial allows a separate time zone to be assigned to each of your linked WordPress website. This allows your scheduled posts to automatically be published in the time zone that particular website is serving. AscendSocial is supplied with 1 standard license.

Connect to Social Media
This is a simple feature which allows you to connect your dashboard to your social media channels, allowing AscendSocial to publish your content to your social channels.

WordPress Auto-Post
Your WordPress Auto-Post Settings allows you to set limits on the number of characters AscendSocial will auto-post out to each social media channel when publishing directly from within your WordPress website.

AscendSocial General Settings puts you firmly in the driving seat allowing you to control various features of the software – Showing WordPress License

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