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We’ve all heard the old adage, content is king! And content is crucially important to getting both social media and organic traffic to your web site. More content used in the right way means more free traffic from search engines and social media, more exposure for your brand, and potentially more revenue for your business. But creating content can be an enormously challenging and time consuming task! If you don’t love writing, then creating content day after day, week after week can soon becomes a real chore!

What if you had a trusty friend that could create great quality content for you with the choice of a huge array of categories with just a few mouse clicks? And what if you could use those articles any way you want, or change them any way you wish?

Introducing AscendSocial Article Creator!
AscendSocial Article Creator is designed to produce high quality, well-written tip based articles built around the topic and subtopics you select. The content in every article has been well researched and every word is written by carefully vetted native English speaking writers from either the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom. Every writer must pass a screening test proving their abilities before being allowed to create content for AscendSocial. But don’t be fooled, each multi-paragraph article created by AscendSocial Article Creator is designed to be unique!

Instantly Create Tip Based Articles with Article Creator – See above Walkthrough Video

With more than 140 categories to choose from, writer’s block or just not knowing what to write about becomes a thing of the past! And with AscendSocial Article Creator just a few clicks away, creating a single or multiple articles takes just a few seconds! AscendSocial Article Creator is designed to instantly create unique articles by cleverly weaving together snippets of content from the tens of thousands of categorized snippets stored in the database.

Tailor and customize the resulting articles to your own voice and liking should you wish, or go right ahead and run with the created article. It’s your choice! Whether you are seeking articles for blog posts or for tips of the day for social media, AscendSocial Article Creator is ready to help you increase your traffic and put more money in your pocket!

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