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AscendSocial’s powerful and unique ‘Import Engine’ is like nothing else you’ve seen! AscendSocial ‘Text Import‘ function provides you with three methods of importing content as follows:

Import Articles From Text Files
AscendSocial allows you to import an article directly from a text file, or import multiple articles from a zip file complete with hyperlinked images.

Creating Content Using Article Creator
AscendSocial’s Import function incorporates Article Creator allows you instantly create up to 60 tip based articles.

Blank Article Creator
Finally the Import Engine allows you to instantly created up to 60 blank articles to which you can manually paste your content and upload related images.

Publish Imported Articles to WordPress
Whichever method you use chose to use, your content can then be published to specified WordPress blog(s), to social media, or both to your blog(s) and to social media. In the latter case, a snippet of each WordPress posts will automatically be published to your chosen social media channels driving highly targeted traffic back to your website.

Whew! And ALL this on auto-pilot!!!

Schedule and Publish New Content to WordPress and to Social Channels with the All Powerful ‘Article Import’ – See Walkthrough Video

No Compromise Flexibility!
AscendSocial is flexible enough to allow you to Import and Schedule multiple text articles to be published at a specific time of day and at specific intervals (e.g. post a new article each day, each week – or any interval you specify) to your WordPress blog!

And as you’ve seen above, AscendSocial will then go to work automatically driving targeted traffic back to your newly created blog content even while you’re asleep or on vacation! Can you see how powerful this is and the benefit AscendSocial can bring to your life and to your business?

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