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A Powerful Easy to Use Tool to Help Build Your Brand And Grow Your Business


AscendSocial is a cloud based online platform designed to help you increase your brand awareness, maximize your brand visibility and grow your business by distributing your valuable content across multiple social media channels, engaging your audience and driving targeted traffic back to your website, your blog or your high converting landing page.

AscendSocial provides ‘easy to use’, yet ‘powerful tools’ that makes it a ‘breeze’ to ‘capitalize on your content’ by leveraging multiple social media networks to supercharge your traffic, your lead generation, your sales and accelerate the growth of your business.

Our current supported social media channels are: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr (Instagram to follow soon).

Harness The Power of Content Publishing

Your awesome blog content is a valuable business asset which of course does little to help your business if it is not seen! AscendSocial allows you to effortlessly harness the power of content publishing allowing you to simultaneously publish unique content across multiple social media channels and drive laser targeted traffic back to your website.

AscendSocial’s powerful ‘Content Publisher’ allows you to effortlessly published your content simultaneously to all the supported social media channels as well as setting a schedule for your content to be published at a later date and time.


Increase Your Brand Visibility And Brand Awareness

AscendSocial allows you to build your brand visibility across most of the social media channels supported by AscendSocial by allowing your published content to bear ‘your branding’. This might include your company logo (or other related image), for example, where this is supported by the social media channel.


Seamless Integration with WordPress


WordPress is the world’s most premier blogging platform and website content management system (CMS) with over 60 million installations! According to a recent report, some 45% of marketers agree that blogging should be the most important part of their overall content marketing strategy. Why? Websites that contain a blog has 434% more indexed pages in the search engines. Furthermore, blog articles that contain images receive 94% more page views! There’s just no disputing the power of WordPress when it comes to attracting the attention of search engines.

Powerful, time-saving features as standard!

Some platforms require you to head over to your WordPress site, find the article you are seeking, then copy and paste content from the WordPress article to your dashboard ready for publishing! Not so with AscendSocial!

Just a few clicks of the mouse is all it takes to access and import any article (complete with featured image) from any of your WordPress websites directly into your AscendSocial dashboard, ready for publishing across social media!


Whether you’re a small business owner, a manager for a retail concern or a franchisee, through social media, AscendSocial has the potential to help drive the bottom line of your brick-and-mortar business. Today’s highly social and mobile customers are already writing reviews about your services, sharing photos and asking their social networks for recommendations.

AscendSocial allows brick and mortar businesses like yours to leverage the new phenomenon of social media and get more customers coming through your door.

Leverage Social Media With AscendSocial

AscendSocial helps you to maintain a strong relationship with your customers and keep them coming back. In turn, this helps to increase in-store purchases, while your social media connection allows you to monitor your store reputation and gain valuable insights into your customers’ experience.

Brick and mortar retailers should not overlook the power that social media can provide in keeping their brand in the minds of their customers, which ultimately helps to drive repeat business. AscendSocial can be your gateway to effective social media marketing.


With our intuitively designed dashboard, AscendSocial not only allows you to manually enter content and publish that content directly to social media with a direct link to any website you wish, but also AscendSocial uniquely allows you to effortlessly access any article from any of your ‘linked’ WordPress blogs and with just a few clicks ‘publish a teaser or snippet’ of the selected article, complete with featured image or video, simultaneously to multiple social media channels.

AscendSocial ‘Publish to Social Media’ Module

Benefits that are not just skin deep!

The benefits to your business is that with just a few mouse clicks AscendSocial allows you to place and enticing teaser of your content in front of your social media viewers who are then able to click through and be taken directly to the article on your website where they can not only consume the entire article but they will also be exposed to the other valuable content and marketing material on your website.

Since your website visitors are now spending more time on your site, an important and welcomed side effect, which can bring significant additional benefits to your business, is the potential boosting of your search engine ranking! And all this from just a few mouse clicks on your AscendSocial dashboard!

AscendSocial Import Module


AscendSocial’s ‘All Powerful Import Engine’ is like nothing else you’ve seen! AscendSocial can import pre-written articles directly from text files, then automatically schedule and publish those articles directly to ‘your WordPress blog(s)’! And it doesn’t stop there! AscendSocial will then automatically go out and publish a snippet of each of your newly published blog posts simultaneously to multiple social media channels and drive targeted traffic back to each post on your WordPress blogs!

Phew! And ALL this on virtual auto-pilot!!!

No compromise flexibility!

AscendSocial is flexible enough to allow you to schedule multiple imported text articles to be posted at a specific time of day and at specific intervals (e.g. post a new article each day, each week – or any interval you specify) to your WordPress blog! And as you’ve seen above, AscendSocial will then go to work driving targeted traffic back to your blog content automatically while you’re asleep or on vacation! Can you see how powerful this is and the benefit AscendSocial can bring to your life and to your business?


When publishing new WordPress content or updating an existing article on your WordPress blog, AscendSocial ‘WordPress Auto-Post’ function can automatically and simultaneously publish a ‘teaser snippet’ of your content to multiple social media channels and drive targeted traffic back to your website.

So from within WordPress, AscendSocial can automatically drive highly targeted traffic back to any article as soon as it is published or updated.

AscendSocial ‘WordPress Auto-Post’ Module

Of course, you don’t need to be logged into WordPress to drive targeted traffic to any article on your blog (or to any website for that matter)! Your unique AscendSocial dashboard makes it a total breeze to accomplish this task with just a few mouse clicks!

AscendSocial Scheduling – Click image to enlarge


AscendSocial’s Powerful and simple to use ‘Scheduling Engine’ allows you to create ‘Repeating Schedules’ of any content (over a specified period of time) enabling you to dramatically increase the reach of your audience with every piece of content you publish! This simple technique can result in floods of targeted traffic back to your site, and with AscendSocial it all happens automatically!

AscendSocial Scheduling tool is extremely simple, flexible and powerful! You can schedule content to be published on a specific day at a specific time or you can set a repeating schedule to go out at  specific repeating intervals over a defined period of time. 

Repeating the same content out to Twitter multiple times during the day, for example, can significantly increases your reach and can reap tremendous rewards in terms of the increased free traffic it can generate. This very technique is used by many of the top brands to dramatically increase their audience! Now you too can benefit from this simple strategy using AscendSocial.


We’ve all heard the old adage, content is king! And content is crucially important to getting both social media and organic traffic to your web site. More content used in the right way means more free traffic from search engines and social media, more exposure for your brand, and potentially more revenue for your business. But creating content can be an enormously challenging and time consuming task! If you don’t love writing, then creating content day after day, week after week can soon becomes a real chore!

What if you had a trusty friend that could create great quality content for you with the choice of a huge array of categories with just a few mouse clicks? And what if you could use those articles any way you want, or change them any way you wish?

AscendSocial Article Creator


AscendSocial Article Creator is designed to produce high quality, well-written tip based articles built around the topic and subtopics you select. The content in every article has been well researched and every word is written by carefully vetted native English speaking writers from either the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom. Every writer must pass a screening test proving their abilities before being allowed to create content for AscendSocial. But don’t be fooled, each multi-paragraph article created by AscendSocial Article Creator is designed to be unique!

With more than 140 categories to choose from, writer’s block or just not knowing what to write about becomes a thing of the past! And with AscendSocial Article Creator just a few clicks away, creating a single or multiple articles takes just a few seconds! AscendSocial Article Creator is designed to instantly create unique articles by cleverly weaving together snippets of content from the tens of thousands of categorized snippets stored in the database.

Tailor and customize the resulting articles to your own voice and liking should you wish, or go right ahead and run with the created article. It’s your choice! Whether you are seeking articles for blog posts or for tips of the day for social media, AscendSocial Article Creator is ready to help you increase your traffic and put more money in your pocket!



AscendSocial is a cloud based platform is accessed from within your web browser so it works both with Mac, PCs and Unix based computers.

New features and updates to the AscendSocial are carried out automatically in the cloud so you never have to worry about updating your computer software.


Our currently supported social media channels are; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr.


The AscendSocial ‘Publish to Social Media‘ module allows you to enter content directly on the dashboard (Direct Post to Social Media), instantly create a unique high quality article with Article Creator or use the Import Content from WordPress function to easily import any article from any of your linked WordPress websites complete with the featured image.

The Content Override section uniquely allows you to customize your post for each social media site before simultaneously publishing the post to your selected social media channels either immediately or on a schedule.


Import a single text article or multiple text articles packaged in a zip file (with or without images) and publish simultaneously to WordPress and to multiple social media sites.

Hyperlinked images contained in the imported text articles as well as being published on the social media channels are also published to WordPress as the featured images with each article.

Of course you can also choose not to have the WordPress article published directly but instead they can be posted as a ‘draft’ or ‘pending’ giving you the opportunity to review or edit the article in WordPress before publishing.

AscendSocial Article Creator is also a part of the Import Text Article module. See AscendSocial Article Creatore for more information.


AscendSocial Article Creator allows you to automatically create high quality, well-written articles built around the topic and sub topics you select. With Article Creator just a few clicks away, creating a single or multiple articles literally takes just a few seconds! Tailor and customize the resulting articles to your own voice and liking should you wish, or go right ahead and run with the created article. It’s your choice!

AscenSocial Article Creator is available both in the ‘Publish to Social Media’ and in the ‘Import Text Articles’ modules.

AscendSocial Article Creator will be available in August 2017.


WordPress users can select to automatically publish new or updated WordPress posts simultaneously to multiple social media channels. The AscendSocial dashboard owner can decide which social media sites the WordPress user is able to post to. This can be set on a WordPress website by website basis.


• WordPress Website/Plugin License
A license is required for each WordPress site
that are linked to your AscendSocial dashboard.

• WordPress Website Time Zone
Ability to set a different time zone for each of
your linked WordPress sites.

AscendSocial Dashboard Time Zone
Ability to set a time zone for posts created directly in your
dashboard (as opposed to posts Imported from a WordPress site
which may have a different time zone assigned).

Configure Social App Settings
Configure the App settings for each of your social media channels.

WordPress Auto-Post Settings
Configure the social media settings to be used when a post is
created or updated directly in WordPress. You can simultaneously
published a snippet of your WordPress posts to multiple social
media channels driving traffic back to the newly created article on
your blog. E.g. which Facebook pages and groups to auto-post to.

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