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Your frequently asked questions answered here…

Please see the below compiled list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Is AscendSocial Easy to use?

One of our priorities when designing and developing AscendSocial was ease of use. We would go as far as to say that AscendSocial has been designed for extreme ease of use! You can enter and publish a post simultaneously to multiple social media channels in a matter of just a few seconds (assuming you already have the post content prepared or you are importing existing content from a WordPress blog).

Which social media channels are supported by AscendSocial?

Currently AscendSocial support: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumblr, with Instagram to follow shortly.

Do I need a WordPress blog in order to use AscendSocial?

No, WordPress is not required in order to use AscendSocial. The content to be published may be typed or pasted directly in the AscendSocial text editor. AscendSocial allows you to simultaneously publish unique content to multiple social media channels either immediately or on via a repeating schedule.

Our integration with WordPress however provides a number of additional and compelling benefits. An example is the ability to effortlessly access any article on any of your linked WordPress blogs and publish a snippet of the selected article to multiple social media channels (either immediately or via a schedule) and drive targeted traffic directly back to the article on your WordPress blog.

How does AscendSocial help me to increase my brand awareness?

We developed and designed AscendSocial to, wherever possible, allow your social media posts to carry your branding and not ours. If the social media channel API (through which your posts from AscendSocial are being published) allows us to use your branding then that is what is used.

For example, when posting to Facebook you are able to specify your own branding. The name AscendSocial will not appear anywhere in your Facebook posts.

How does the AscendSocial Schedule Work?

AscendSocial provides you with maximum flexibility around when your content is being published.

Aside from being able to immediately publish content to multiple social media channels, AscendSocial allows you to publish content on a specific date and a specific time or publish the same content on a repeating schedule over a specific period. For example, you may chose to set a repeating schedule commencing at a specific date and time repeating each day (or whatever period you choose) and ending on specific date.

I have a great WordPress blog with great content but no traffic. Can AscendSocial help?

AscendSocial was designed to excel in this exact situation. AscendSocial allows you to effortlessly import and display any of your blog articles on your AscendSocial dashboard and optionally tailor a snippet of that article specifically for each social media site then simultaneously publish the customised snippets to multiple social media channels.

The customisation option for example allows you to tailor the limited text that appears on Twitter. We go one step further with Twitter allowing you to post an additional 280 characters as well as a title below your featured image.

Are Featured Images imported into AscendSocial Dashboard along with the WordPress Articles?

Yes, absolutely!

If a featured image is in place on the blog post being imported, the featured image is automatically brought across to your AscendSocial dashboard ready to post to social media along with your content.

AscendSocial goes a step further by allowing you to replace the imported WordPress featured image with another image or even with a video should you wish.

Can each post which is Simultaneously being Published to Social Media be Customized for each Social Channel?

In short, YES!

AscendSocial allows you to completely customize each post (including the use of different images and videos) before the posts are simultaneously published to multiple social media channels. This is a powerful feature which we believe is unique to AscendSocial.

Am I able to Simultaneously Publish to Multiple Social Media Channels Directly From Within WordPress?

Absolutely! The ‘AscendSocial WordPress Auto-Post’ function does just that and more.

From your WordPress post you are able to select which social media channel your post should be published to. Your post (complete with featured image) will immediately be published to your selected social media channels when your WordPress post is updated or published. Note that a hyperlink is automatically created which links the social media post directly back to the article on your WordPress website.

What is A Post Snippet Length?

When you wish to drive traffic back to an article on your WordPress site, the idea is not to post the entire article to social media, but to post a ‘snippet’ of the article to peak interest. This way in order to read the rest of the article, the reader will need to click through to the article on your WordPress blog hence driving targeted traffic back to your website.

So the ‘snippet length’ simply defines the number of characters of an article which will be published to each social media channel.

The ‘Settings’ area of your AscendSocial dashboard allows you to pre-configure a different default auto-post ‘snippet length’ settings to be applied to each social media channel! We believe this is yet another unique feature of AscendSocial!

What does AscendSocial 'beta' mean?

AscendSocial is currently in beta. This means the software has not yet been officially launched and it is still undergoing testing and further development. This is the reason why for a limited time and for a limited number of customers we are making a special offer.

Can AscendSocial Schedule and Automatically Publish a different Article each day?

Yes! The AscendSocial ‘Import Article’ function allows prepared text articles to be imported and published one at a time on a schedule you specify!

AscendSocial actually goes much further than this! With just a few clicks you can configure a schedule that will publish an article every day (or other interval you select) at a specific time over a specific period of time. You can then import a prepared zip file containing a number of prepared articles one of which is to automatically be published each day.

So you could for example import a single zip file containing 50 different text articles which can then be imported and published both to WordPress as well as to multiple social media channels all with automatic hyperlinks back to each article on your WordPress blog.

How many Articles does AscendSocial Article Creator Allow Me To Create Each Month?

The AscendSocial Article Creator allows you to create up to 200 articles each month.

Does AscendSocial Support Video Publishing?

Yes, AscendSocial allows you to publish third-party hosted videos such as those hosted on Youtube and Vimeo. Support for directly uploaded videos is under development and is expected to be released soon.

Does AscendSocial offer a money back guarantee?

Absolutely, we offer a full 30-day money back guarantee.

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