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15 Free Essential Tips To Promote Your Content On Facebook – Part 1 Of 2

15 Free Essential Tips to Promote Your Content on Facebook – Part 1 of 2

Why is Facebook so Important to Your Marketing Activities?

For most businesses, the primary goal when using social media is either to build their brand awareness, drive targeted traffic and generate business leads (and customers) or gain marketing insights which can help to develop your business. Facebook is the largest of the social media platforms with around 2 billion accounts. Facebook is a powerful platform which can help your business to connect both with your existing and prospective customers.

What is a Facebook Business Page?

A Facebook Business Page is essentially a single page on Facebook where you can share information about your business as well as sharing information and other content of interest to your customers and prospective customers. A Facebook business page offers a convenient way to communicate with and get feedback from both your existing and prospective customers.

#1. Write High Quality Authentic Shareable Content

Since we will be going through a number of strategies to help you to promote your content on Facebook, the very first thing might be to ensure that you are sharing awesome authentic content that you audience will gain some value from. An added benefit of this of course is that your audience are more likely to interact with your post and perhaps even share your content to their friends and associates. To some extent, seeing your friends or associates share a piece of content provides a level of social proof, so you are more inclined to consume and engage with that content or post.

When writing your content you might want to ask yourself questions like:

  • Would this information be valuable and useful to my audience?
  • Would I want to share this with my colleagues and friends?
  • Is this likely to elicit a conversation among my audience?
  • What are my competing competitors posting and getting a good reaction from?

#2. Like Your Own Facebook Page

By liking your Facebook Page your Facebook friends can see that you as one of their friends linked the page so they will be more likely to like the page as well. This might sound obvious but  it is easy to miss this important step yourself. You should also send an invite your friends via email or via Facebook Messenger to like your Page. If you have employees you can also ask them to like you Page.

#3. Share a Facebook Like/Share Button With Your Blog Posts

Ensure you have a Facebook LIKE button at the bottom of your post. Many WordPress themes include this facility. If your theme does not have a Facebook Share/Like button, there are many WordPress plugins which you can to provide this function.

#4. Include a link to your Facebook Page in your Email Signature & Your Business Cards

By including a link to your Facebook page in your email signature you are further helping to spread the word and potentially increasing Facebook Page fans. You should also include a link to your Facebook page on your business cards.

#5. Tell your Fans to Set Your Page to ’See First’

Although your Facebook Page fans will have liked your page, this does not guarantee that your page updates will appear in their newsfeed. Asking your Facebook Page fans to set your page to ’See First’ (see below) will help to ensure that they don’t miss any of your posts and updates.

Set Facebook page to ‘See First’

#6. Take Advantage of Facebook’s Posting Methods

Facebook provides four different methods  of posting to your business page. These methods are: Text Post, Image Post, Video Post and Link Post. Try using all four methods by posting each at a different time of day or on different days.
Example Link Post published with AscendSocial

#7. Post on Other Relevant Facebook Pages

Consider sharing your post on other related Facebook pages. If you plan to use this strategy, it is important to ensure that your content is 100% relevant and is in keeping with any etiquette which might apply to that page. An example of how you could authentically share your content is by taking part in conversations on the page and by answering a question which is related to your content. You could then provide a link to your blog post to which more in depth information can be obtained.

This concludes Part 1 of this 2 Part Series. Part 2 can be found HERE.

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