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15 Free Essential Tips To Promote Your Content On Facebook – Part 2 Of 2

15 Free Essential Tips To Promote Your Content On Facebook – Part 2 Of 2

This is part 2 of a 2 part series. Part 1 of this article can be found HERE.

#8. Share yourFacebook Page or your best Facebook Page Post on Your Personal Profile

Using the Share button on your Facebook Page, you can also share your Page on your own timeline with an appropriate message. When you do so, you can choose who can see that post (the public, all your friends or some friends only).

By sharing your best business page post in a conversational manner on your Facebook personal profile, you will be getting your blog content in front of your friends and followers. Some of these may also decide to share your content with their friends whereby increasing your reach even further. The action of sharing a post from your Facebook page also has the effect of boosting the popularity of your post on your page.

You should not however post both of the above suggestion at the same time. There should be a reasonable time separation between such share since they both link back to your fan page.

#9. Facebook Group Search

You can use the Facebook Group search to look for discussions related to the topic of your blog article. Providing the group rule allows the posting of your own links, if you find a question in a group and you have a blog post that answers that question, that provides a golden opportunity for you to join the conversation. You can then answer the question in a conversational way and provide a link to your blog post which offers a more comprehensive explanation.

Of course if you find multiple questions in multiple groups that applies to your blog posts, you can share your answer (using different wording – do not copy paste the same answer). It is important that your answers comes across as providing valuable information and not appear that you are spamming the group. You should then continue to follow and take part in the conversation which will help to maximise your recognition.

#10. Create a Facebook Event

In cases where you might have a significant blog post to promote which for example relates to date related event, a launch or a contest, consider creating a Facebook event. From your personal Facebook profile, you can create an event to which your friends can be invited. An event can also be created using your business page allowing your fans to be invited. Similarly an event can be created from your Facebook group allowing your group members to be invited.

One of the great reasons why events work so well is that anyone joining the event will receive a notification whenever an update to the event is posted.

#11. Share Your Facebook Page in the Footer of Your Website or Blog

Sharing a link to your Facebook Page in the footer of your website or blog, you are again increasing the likelihood of your Facebook page being liked whereby further increasing the potential reach of your page.

#12. Provide Contests and Offer Promotion on Your Facebook Business Page

Contest are popular on Facebook. It also provides an opportunity for your followers to interact with your business. Providing exclusive special offers on your Facebook Business Page will help to keep your followers engaged and it will encourage them to keep coming back.

#13. Add Personality to Your Facebook Page and Interact With Your Visitors

It is important that your Facebook Business Page looks attractive and interesting. Facebook allows you to upload a header image as well as a logo (or other recognisable image) to your Page. Have a professional create an eye-catching image which is consistent with your image and your branding for your Page header. It is important to maintain consistency with your image and your branding.

#14. Use appropriate Tools to Share Your Content

There are a number of available tools that can be used to share your content across social media. A well designed tool should be able to save you time by taking away the burden of distributing your content across social media. For example, with just a few mouse clicks you should be able to access and publish a teaser snippet (either immediately or via a schedule) of any article on you blog across to multiple social media channels.

Example AscendSocialPublish to Social Media

#15. Track and Measure Your Campaign Results With Clear Real Time Analytics

Whether you are simply looking to gain more traffic to your blog by sharing your content across social media or you are embarking on a full scale social media marketing campaign to drive highly targeted traffic back to your website, you must have a means of measuring the success of your efforts.

At a very basic level, you need to know what type of content is resonating with your audience as well as which social media platform is driving the most traffic back to your website.

Your social media dashboard should provide you with a clear, unambiguous and simple to understand real time display allowing you to instantly see and track the results of your campaigns.

You analytics tool should automatically be available in your dashboard with zero configuration requirements.

AscendSocial Analytics – Facebook Drill Down – Coming Soon

I would like to conclude this article with the following short list of Do’s and Don’ts when promoting your business on Facebook:
  • Engage with your users
  • Post daily, or at other regular intervals
  • Share links/images/video related to your industry
  • Be consistent with relation to your brand across all platforms
  • Be respectful and personable with your updates and comments
  • Be aware of what your competitors’ are doing
  • Focus on building trust and loyalty among your users
  • Avoid over blatant promoting and/or over promoting (avoid spamming)
  • Be respectful with your readers/customers at all times
  • Acknowledge and respond to all feedback or comments on your business page
  • Your activities on social media should be targeted towards achieving your objectives.
    So avoid wasting precious time on social media.
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