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A Definitive Guide To Social Media Marketing For Bloggers Part 2 Of 2

A Definitive Guide to Social Media Marketing for Bloggers Part 2 of 2

This is the second of a two part article on this topic.
Part one of this article can be found here

Understanding Your Audience And Fostering customer loyalty

Most businesses will recognise the importance of developing a loyal customer base. As a blogger your aim is to build and foster a loyal audience that will look forward to regularly coming back to your site to consume your content.

Social media allows you to regularly engage with your audience, a crucial element to have in your marketing arsenal, which will help you to grow and build a loyal following and a loyal customer base. This is also one of the best ways to demonstrate to your followers and customers alike that they are valued whilst at the same time allowing you to better understand their needs.

By connecting with your followers and customers on social media, they are also more likely to react more positively and more favourably towards your business.

One caveat in using social media is that it is important to understand that you should only share appropriate content which reflects and supports the values of your business.

Using Social Media To Build Your Though Leadership

A thought leader is not someone who is simply an expert on a particular subject matter! A thought leader is someone (or a company) who has been elevated in the eye of their audience, to the extent that they are seen as a person whose views on a subject are considered to be authoritative and influential. A thought leader is a trusted authority that moves and inspire others with their forward thinking and innovative ideas.

So how can you use social media to elevate your thought leadership status? You can do so by continuing to share your excellent, interesting and shareable content on a regular basis across multiple social media channels. It is also important that you engage with your audience as much as possible, showing your followers that you’re open and receptive to directly interaction with them. This should include liking and commenting on others social media posts.

As a blogger you know that producing great and original content takes time! However by making the extra effort to produce superior content and by showing your visitors that you are willing to participate on social media, you will be demonstrating to your audience that you place high importance on providing great information and value and that you are not interested in making a sale! 

In reality, by supplying superior content, not only will you be elevating your status but you will also be attracting potential customers to your business.

Collaborating With Other Influential Bloggers

By collaborating with other influential bloggers in your industry, especially if they are prepared to share your content, you are not only elevating your own position and your brand, but you will potentially be increasing the reach of your own audience. 
There’s a rule (the 1% content rule) that says only 1% of users online are content creators. The other 99% are content consumers. Influencers who are also ardent content creators are the most likely to have garnered a large social media following. This includes ardent podcast creators. Collaborating with such influencers is likely to increase the value of your content considerably. 

Ensure Your Website Is Fast To Load And Mobile Friendly With An SSL Certificate

There are over 3.98 billion active mobile internet users world wide. The number of mobile internet users far exceeds that of computer users. It is therefore crucial that your blog and website is fully mobile compatible and has a fast loading time. 
Your website should load within around 3 seconds. Search engines are also know to penalise websites which are not mobile friendly and has a slow load times. 
You should also ensure that your blog and website is operating using an SSL certificate (meaning that your web browser should be showing a secure pad lock in the address bar – as you would see when visiting a banking website). 

Choosing Your Social Media Channels

There are many social media channels today which you could consider using to promote your blog content. However you should only need to focus on a small selective group.

Below I will cover a selection of the more popular social media platforms which you may wish to target as a blogger.

Additional guides to this article coming soon…


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