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The Crucial Reasons Why Branding Is Important To Growing Your Business!

The Crucial Reasons Why Branding Is Important To Growing Your Business!

Today we want to talk about the importance of branding including the role social media marketing can play in developing awareness of your brand and growing your business. I would in fact go as far as to say that developing awareness of your brand could potentially be one of the most important keys to your business success! And social media marketing can be a crucial driver for building awareness of your brand.

So what exactly is branding anyway and why do you need it?

In today’s busy world where so much noise is being generated every day, the importance of standing out from the crowd cannot be overstated.

Whether you are a single person business such as a blogger looking to develop your personal brand, or you represent a small business looking to become more established, a strong brand identity and company ethos that supports your brand can help you get noticed and if correctly executed, can help your business grow and thrive by developing a loyal and raving group of customers and followers.

When I think about the topic of a brand with a loyal raving following, ‘Apple Inc’ is a company that instantly comes to mind!


This is a company that started it’s journey from a garage, yet today their computers and consumer products are well known around the world and they have consistently topped the customer satisfaction rating for well over a decade!

Apple has placed a great deal of effort in developing their brand and their culture which is reflected in the quality, workmanship and the customer satisfaction rating of their loyal followers.

Your brand should be portrayed with a unique name or symbol that is instantly recognizable to your audience. This generally includes a uniquely designed logo which bears or portrays the name of your business, product or service.

But this is just the beginning!

Branding encompasses a whole slew of strategic marketing activities that are designed to create a unique and instantly identifiable image of your business product or service. Every single facet of your business activities, from your social media profiles through to all the work you do to create a positive experience for your customers, should be designed to strengthen and build the strength and reputation of your brand.

Developing a strong and trusting brand which portrays and maintains a positive image across all aspects of your business and your marketing, will not only make it easier to find new clients, it will also help to instil loyalty with your existing customer base.

Some key points about brand awareness and why is it important to your business?

Lets start by defining what we mean by brand awareness…

Brand awareness is a measure of the level of a target market’s conscious awareness of your business, product or service.

When your business is faced with a high level of competition, a positive and strong brand awareness can be your greatest business asset! For this reason it is of vital importance to maintain a healthy positive image and perception of your business, your products and your services. No-one wants to do business with a company that has a poor reputation in their market!

If your brand in new in an industry, it is entirely feasible and potentially highly profitable to develop an entire marketing campaign (Brand Awareness Campaign) specifically designed to build awareness of your brand in that industry or simply to your target market.

How your branding can help to build customer trust and increase your business

People buy from people or brands they know like and trust! A strong visible brand builds and fosters trust with your audience and hence with your potential customers. When a prospect is looking to buy a product or service which you offer, if you have gained their attention and their trust, you are more likely to be considered when they are making that crucial buying decision.

Of course a strong side benefit of having a loyal and trusted following is that your business is blessed with a loyal army of fans who will recommend your business, product or service to their associates and friends. Word of mouth marketing is a whole other subject matter in itself. All in all this can only have a positive effect in growing your business and hence on your bottom line.

According to market research groups, when customers trust a brand 83% of them will recommend the company to others. And 82% of those customers will continue to use that brand. So once a customer has been acquired, this important word of mouth promotion amounts to free marketing for your business!

To re-iterate the important statement above, the research found that a whopping 83% of customers who trust a brand will recommend the company to others! So after acquiring new customers, not only does receiving referrals from those customers amount to free marketing for your business, but crucially, referrals from happy and satisfied customers is the very best recommendation a brand can have!

“It is of paramount importance that every aspect of your marketing efforts, including your social media communication and reputation, are congruent with each other to create a positive and resounding impression of your brand with your audience.”

It is clear that trust and brand awareness is vital to every business, but building trust and awareness takes a lot of work and a lot of time. Thankfully AscendSocial as a marketing tool can make this journey a whole lot easier as well as making it tremendously rewarding.

Here are just a few key objectives your brand should be looking to achieve: 

    • Your message must be delivered succinctly and clearly
    • Your credibility should shine through your marketing
    • Your marketing should ooze trust, loyalty and goodwill
    • Your marketing should be personable and connect emotionally with your audience
    • Your marketing should elevate your credibility and your standing with your audience
    • Your marketing should motivate your prospects to take your desired action

The Importance of Content Marketing in Building Your Brand

Content marketing should be an essential part of your branding strategy.


Content marketing involves both written and visual content which can both help to build trust and elevate your authority and credibility with your audience. Earning customer trust starts with providing valuable and helpful information to your audience. By consistently providing such information you will be well on the way to fostering trust not only with your prospective customers, but also with your existing customers.

The Importance of Social Media Marketing to your Brand

Social media should play an important role in your overall marketing strategy to build brand awareness with your audience. Social media gives you an opportunity to distribute your valuable content across multiple social media channels whereby reaching a wide audience. This not only allows your audience to engage with your content and potentially increase you reach when comments are made or your message is shared, but it also fosters trust since your audience will be able to see that you are truly serious about your business.

How AscendSocial can help to build your brand and your business

According to research carried out by Social Media Examiner, some 96% of marketers are currently using social media in their marketing, however around 85% of those surveyed said they were unsure which tools are the best to use.

From the very start of the planning and development of AscendSocial, we made the strategic decision to design and build a system that will not only allow our customers to easily distribute their message to their audience on social media, but our platform must also seamlessly and simultaneously help our customers to develop and build their brand while doing so. We believe we have achieved this goal with AscendSocial!

So what Exactly is AscendSocial?

In a sentence, AscendSocial is a powerful easy to use tool which empowers our customers to easily and seamlessly elevate their brand with every piece of content they publish across multiple social media channels. But of course AscendSocial offers more! 

Be among the first to see the MAGIC of what AscendSocial can do for your business! Take advantage of our Strictly Limited Special Offer by becoming a founding member of AscendSocial Beta with a 30 day trial for just $1!

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